Grow Your Natural Hair like You Grow Your Plants

Those who know me knows I love plants. They are one of the reasons why I got into taking better care of my natural hair. Just like a plant needs the proper amount of water and light to stay thriving. Your hair needs the proper amount of moisture and patience to grow and be healthy. The first thing you would want to know is what’s going on with you hair. Start paying attention to how your hair react to certain products. Start reading the ingredients that are in your current hair products. If the first few ingredients are harsh chemicals that will harm or damage your hair or scalp. Causing unwanted flakes and white residue that sits on top of your hair strands. Then you might not want to put that in your hair. Your hair tells you when it doesn't like a product. Also try to use LITTLE TO NO HEAT! (That's another convo for another day.) Just how some plants can't take a lot of sun light or to much water but then it's some that does take a lot of water and sun. Its all about figuring it out. Especially if you love your hair and or plant and want to see it grow and be healthy.     

HAIR REGIMEN MATTERS!! HAIR REGIMEN MATTERS!! Finding a moisturizing system that works for your hair really helps tremendously. I don't know if you are familiar with the L.O.C or L.C.O method. You can remixed the letters and stages according to what works better for your hair. 

WHAT IS L.O.C or L.C.O METHOD. It stand for L-liquid, O-oils, C-creams. The liquid can be water or a water base conditioner, the oil is any hair oil you like, and the cream is a conditioner or thick cream conditioner. I sometimes use mango butter or African Shea butter for oil or cream when I don't have neither one. 

 Important fact;YOUR HAIR LOVES WATER!! Growing up I use to get perms. So with that I wasn't allow to wet my hair after it was styled. Never understood why. But as I went natural. BABY!!!!! When I tell you my hair loves water. You would of thought it was a plant. I mix together a concocion for my liquid leave in conditioner. I will mix Water, oil , an one of my condtioners from my brand. (Chebe Conditioner, or Herbal Mostisuring conditioner(my fav))


Trim your ends!

Once I decided to go natural I took the transitional way then chopped off the dead, heat damage/perm ends.I use to trim my ends once a year. Being all stingy with my ends. HA! I use to feel like its taking away from my hang-time. GIRL STOP!! Once I stop thinking like that and started cutting it whenever I feel my ends need it. I started seeing a big difference. My hair started growing pass the length it'll always stay stagnated at. During my transition I would wear my hair in box braids & Marley twists, Crochet braid is my favorite, low maintenance hairstyles using my own hair. Like flat twist, twist outs, braid out and my go too the pineapple. I'll trim in-between if needed.

Well that’s all I have to say for now. Stay tune for more natural hair care tips. Subscribe to my amazing website!! & tell a friend!!!

See ya A'Naturals Curly Gang Gang!!  

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