• Natural Hair Care Product Vending Machine

    We are happy to announce our hair care products vending machine is now located in the Plymouth Meeting Mall 500 W Plymouth Meeting Pa 19462. It's on the Burlington end of the mall. In front of the hair salon. Near the first entrance. I put QR codes on it for you to get connect to us through our social media's, email, and website.
  • Second Location Coming Soon

    Amazingly Natural Hair Care has an second location coming soon. Location Plymouth Meeting Mall. Please subscribe to our emailing list for updates.

    Enjoy 10% off your first purchase at Amazingly Natural Hair Care. See a difference in your hair from our natural hair care products. Amazingly Natural products are dedicated to bringing nourishment, moisture, invigorate growth, rejuvenating to the scalp and hair strands, overall a healthy head of hair. This natural hair care brand is known to focus on using high quality and certified organic ingredients into each of its products.
  • Amazingly Natural Hair Care Wholesale

    Interested in wholesaling some Amazingly Natural Hair Care? Be sure to email us at
  • Amazingly Natural Monthly Giveaway. Here is your chance to win a free gift.

    Amazingly Natural Monthly Giveaway. Here is your chance to win a free gift.
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    Subscribe to Amazingly Natural Hair Care emailing list. Not only will you get additional deals than the rest, but you'll get so much knowledge on how to take better care of your natural hair.
  • Come Visit Us at Amazingly Natural Hair Care Boutique

    If you are in the Frankford part of Philadelphia. 5031 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, Pa 19124 to be exact!! Make sure you a check out Amazingly Natural Hair Care Boutique. We have lovely products, Sage, Custom Crystal jewelry, night hair care, kids, woman, and men clothes and shoes. We also feature local small black owned businesses.
  • Ebook Series on 'How to Grow your Natural Hair 101 COMING SOON

    Hey A+ Natural's,
    We will be releasing a series of eBook's on How To Grow Natural Hair. In these book series you will become more educated on how to take care of your curls. First 101 eBook includes.
    Natural Hair Community Terminology 101
    Detangling 101 (How to stop Breakage)
    learning your curls pattern
    how to properly moisturize your hair
    learning what's in your current hair care
    Knowing the signs of your hair/scalp
    Learning your hair porosity
  • Patience When Taking Care Of Natural Hair!!!

    Patience with your natural hair!
    You ever get so frustrated with your hair, to the point you just want to cry! Or maybe you want a more better understanding of what's going on with your hair.
    I get ask questions on a daily about different hair problems. The most common questions are pertaining to lack of moisturize, trouble with growth, which is the best hair product for my texture? etc.
    Here is where you will get all of your hair questions answered and maybe get connect with other curly gang friends.
  • Grow Your Natural Hair like You Grow Your Plants

    Those who know me knows I love plants. They are one of the reasons why I got into taking better care of my natural hair. Just like a plant needs the proper amount of water and light to stay thriving. Your hair needs the proper amount of moisture and patience to grow and be healthy. The first thing you would want to know is what’s going on with you hair. Start paying attention to how your hair react to certain products. Start reading the ingredients that are in your current hair products. If the first few ingredients are harsh chemicals that will harm or damage your hair or scalp. Causing unwanted flakes and white residue that sits on top of your hair strands. Then you might not want to put that in your hair. Your hair tells you when it doesn't like a product. Also try to use LITTLE TO NO HEAT! (That's another convo for another day.)
    Just how some plants can't take a lot of sun light or to much water but then it's some that does take a lot of water and sun. Its all about figuring it out. Especially if you love your hair and or plant and want to see it grow and be healthy.

    HAIR REGIMEN MATTERS!! HAIR REGIMEN MATTERS!! Finding a moisturizing system that works for your hair really helps tremendously. I don't know if you are familiar with the L.O.C or L.C.O method. You can remixed the letters and stages according to what works better for your hair.