Amazingly Natural hair care is handmade of organic and natural ingredients. Vegan friendly and Cruelty Free. No Parabens No Sulfate. For all hair types. 

Hello I am Nicole Swaayze. I am the creator and founder of Amazingly Natural. I created Amazingly Natural a little shortly after transitioning to natural. For years I struggle to find a product my hair likes. Until one day I decided to use the two things I enjoy in life, my natural curly hair and science. Although I am not a scientist, I love combining, measuring and mixing ingredients together to create something new. I test my products on different hair textures. To see what I can improve in before presenting it to my customers. I use a beautiful blend of herbs, natural organic butters, natural organic oils, and natural essential oils. All in which will help to restore, repair, and moisturizing hair and scalp. Rejuvenate scalp while moisturizing your hair strands. The organic herbs, butters, and oils adds stimulation to the scalp allowing your hair follicles to gain nutrients for a healthy growth. This product promotes length/growth, long lasting moisture, softness, shine. Help stop itchy flaky scalp, dry brittle hair, breakage, balding, thinning edges, and split ends.
Some of my Hair oils and creams are for hair and skin. Hints the word 'Versatile'. I wanted to create products for multi use purposes. That way you can have more self space for more products.
I love science! Although I am not a scientist. I got into this business to help women, men and children with kinky, wavy, curly, coily hair. Our hair needs a whole lot of tender love and care.

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